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5) The Nurse Shark 

(LOW) :

            A common inshore bottom dweller, this pathetic excuse for a shark can respire while stationary by pumping water through its gills. It’s sluggish with a tough hide and tends to grow rather large. Human treat level is practically nil.

            You are a sad excuse for a comic artist today if this is the best you can aspire to. 

4) The Hammerhead Shark (MODERATE)

            Often found in schools or skirting the ocean floor for easy prey to snatch in its freakishly small mouth this shark is one of natures few animals that will tan from prolonged exposures to sunlight in shallow waters. The male’s concept of reproduction involves violently biting a female until she agrees to mate.

            OK, so you get out once and a while but you have no social skills. You’re a minor threat in the world of comics, you can do better and you know it. 

3) The Mako shark 


            The outwardly curved teeth of the Mako are visible even when its mouth is closed, indicating this shark is badass. These restless mid-sized monsters can reach speeds of 50-74 km on the attack and breach the water upwards of 30 feet into the air.

            You move fast and with purpose. A graceful streak of lighting with the brush, pen and pencil, comic pages seem to draw themselves in a blur of movement. 

2) The Tiger Shark 


            Among the largest of the apex predators this camouflaged tank of a shark isn’t afraid to take on prey larger then itself. It’s a nomadic, solitary and nocturnal hunter with teeth that can easily rip through turtle shells. Called the “Ocean’s Garbage Can” due to it’s aggressive feeding nature it often eats indigestible objects.

            Slow and methodical you take on the big projects without hesitation. 24 Hour Comics, Graphic Novels, and monthly publications, self-publishing – no task is too daunting. 

1) The Great White Shark (MACROPREDATOR)

The top of the food chain and without rival the massive great white is the ultimate ambush hunter. It's one of the few sharks that will raise its head out of the sea to gaze at its intended prey. It’s been know to attack whales, people and even boats. It’s preferred method of attack is to bite down on its victim, shake its head violently sawing off huge chunks of flesh and then circle around while its prey slowly bleeds to death.

You are the UFC of comics. You never sleep and your only thoughts are comics. This is what you are and this is what you do. You never stop and you never will. Respect.


Sharks with frikken lasers on their heads (24 Hour Comic)

     Some call it the stuff of science fiction but you know better. You are agile and focused on the task at hand as you attack the page with intelligence and precision. No time to think, only to act and produce pages at an alarming rate developing ideas on the fly. Truly a rare and remarkable creature.

Feeding Frenzy

             The group effort; be it a comic jam, 24 Hour comic party or any collection of comic artists madly engaged in the act of creating comics. A beautiful sight to behold as the many become of one mind and goal, all else is immaterial. 


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