The Comic Artist, silent and cunning – shunning the light and oft relegated to the murky depths of our popular culture. These highly intelligent creatures, like a hideous plecostomus remain perceived as the bottom feeders of the cultural algae despite their incredible and underrated contribution to society.

            These rare and elusive beings surface at specific times through out the year and briefly dazzle the public with wonderful displays of talent and creativity; be it Free Comic Day, Read Comics in Public Day, 24 Hour Comic Day or one of the many Comic Conventions spread through the land. These magnificent beings breach the surface, flashing brilliantly in slow motion like a shimmering, diamond encrusted Sturgeon before crashing back into the sea of Anonymous Toil.

            Fellow creators the time has come to evolve! Neither a day, nor even a weekend will be sufficient enough; we demand an entire week be devoted to recognizing and honing our beautiful and noble creations! For are we the disposable guppies of pop culture whose value is only to feed the larger fish in the Entertainment Tank or are we the mighty, free roaming sharks who must always move forward without rest, always on the hunt? We must illustrate to the world that we are more then timid clown fish wrapped in the protective anemone of mass entertainment.

            Like the shark, we lurk just below the waves. The sight of a rising and fast approaching dorsal fin gives pause to any in its path, yet fear and fascination rule the mysterious natures of both these elusive predators. It’s with this in mind we have co-opted the most amazing week of television in modern history, begin to circle en mass around an unsuspecting public and brazenly show our collective fins.

            So what exactly IS Comic Book Shark Week? It is a global event that takes place annually to coincide with “Shark Week” on The Discovery Channel. Comic artists around the globe smell the ink in the water and are whipped into a creative frenzy for the week, attacking the page with wrath and a gnashing of murderous teeth. It is a time to be exceptionally productive, moving violently forward on projects with abandon and thrashing about in the populated resort beaches of the collective media.

            So dig out that unfinished comic and get to work! Double your efforts on that graphic novel, it’s swim or die in these waters! Work in a group and begin a creative feeding frenzy building off other’s maniacal devotion to the craft! Begin a new project and go at it like there’s chum in the water! Write and draw in public, let them know we’re out there and are a force to be reckoned with! Make no apologies for doing what is in your nature to do and do it with single-minded passion. 

           Like a damn shark.


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